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Dear Customer,

If you are a distributor, wholesaler, supplier, aquarium or pet shop from India or outside India then only contact us. Currently its difficult to handle retail query. We accept minimum order of Rs. 15,000/-.

Thank You
Mr. Ramdoss Senthilnathan
for Aquatic Wonder

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Aauqrium fish exporter from India

We are Breeder, Dealer and Wholesalers of Freshwater ornamental fishes based in South India. We specialize in wide variety of fishes ranging from Guppies, Goldfish, African Cichlids, South American Cichlids, Tetras, Bettas to Discus fish. Located in Sengulam Village, Madurai surrounded by paddy fields with pollution free water. All the fishes are raised in natural way in the mud ponds and cement tanks, which makes us deliver the best quality fishes.

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